Florence leather goods manufacturer

Small, high quality leather goods

We specialise in small high-quality leather goods: belts, purses and wallets, pochettes and other objects for haute-couture fashion collections.

Our clients include important brands in Italy and abroad, to whom we offer more than just a product:

  • Experience: before starting as a company 15 years ago, our founding managers gained over 35 years of hands-on experience as master craftsmen in the leather goods sector.
  • Constant, superior quality plus the ability to treat and work with the rarest, most prized types of leather.
  • Extensive production capacity and reliable, fast delivery times.
  • Where required, we offer the support of our own internal model-making department, with the skills needed to develop products and solve any problems related to engineering aspects.
  • Reliability also in financial terms, as a guarantee of the solidity of our company and obligations.
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Our history

It was the first of January 2000 and the world was celebrating the arrival of the new millennium.

The brothers, Fabrizio and Massimo Sgolastra had an extra cause for celebration: this date marked the birth of their small leather goods company, finally enabling them to exploit their many years of experience gained in the sector, for both small companies and large brands, such as Gucci.

The company immediately started to receive orders from the world of haute couture, and knowingly met the requests of its very demanding clients through a well-balanced blend of craftsmanship, reliability of service and delivery, and technological innovation.

In 2006, Taglionetto moved to its current headquarters in Calenzano, in the industrial area around Florence.