Our secret lies in the ability to combine traditional  Florentine craftsmanship with the most innovative methods and processes, thus maintaining excellent quality while obtaining a high production capacity.

Innovation applied to artisan skills

At Taglionetto, the passion for technology began a long time ago, to be precise in 2004, when the first automated machines were introduced in the company.

In this age of pioneering, the decision proved to be a winning one and was renewed and strengthened over time: We experienced all the years of technological innovation in our sector and were on many occasions among the first to adopt innovative machinery that subsequently became widespread

Even today, our machine park is kept constantly up-to-date and renewed to improve both our production levels and the quality of our products.

There has also been an important result for occupational health: By using state-of-the-art methods, we are able to limit the quantity of solvents and chemical compounds needed for production, which pose a health hazard, or to replace them with substances that are less aggressive and dangerous.